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2019 most anticipated smart home entertainment, the Optoma CinemaX P1

This year, home entertainment projectors have been the battle arena for projector manufacturers. Major brands have been tirelessly invent and launch new product for the increasing demand of smart home entertainment.

Back to December last year, Optoma has been introduced the smart projector, UHL55 but not keen on selling in Malaysia market. However, the good news for Malaysian, the recently introduced CinemaX P1 is going to be available from September 2019 in Malaysia with limited units as there are surging orders globally.

The CinemaX P1 is one device for all your entertainment. It is a projector with ultra short throw projection which doesn’t require complicated installation. Simply place on the cabinet like TV, connect to your channel, and start streaming. Sound’s fantastic, isn’t it!

What’s make the device more appealing are the integrated 40-watt soundbar and long lifespan of laser system. The soundbar we tested in the event was at open space, which is not viable for the sound testing and evaluation. However, the sound output is clearly listened at 30ft away. At Eco mode, the lifespan can be achieved up to 30,000 hours, means it will take years for the projector before replacement is required. The projector is compatible with smart voice control system like Alexa and Google Home assist.

We have captured some photo with Huawei smartphone for the video and color output. The projector display bright, life-like, color-rich and  crisp clear image on the ambient light rejecting screen.

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