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Epson combine 4K Enhancement with laser light source for EH-LS10500

The common concern of projectors over flat panel displays is the lamp lifespan. Nowadays, many users or more specifically home cinema fans are increasingly using projectors for longer hours of home entertainment¬† that includes gaming, movie, TV shows watching. By simple mathematics count, the lamp based projector won’t last for 3-years for heavy users of average 5-hours a day.

Epson has unveil by far their most heavyweight projector for home cinema users. It is powered by Laser diode which capable for long lifespan up to 20,000 hours in eco mode. Loaded with Epson 3LCD reflective technology,  it claims to produce fine and unprecedented black level during absolute black scenes. The video quality further improved by pixel shifting technology or commercially known as 4K enhancement. We have seen the picture enhancement from EH-TW8300, therefore we do assume the picture quality will be greater for this latest model although it may seems artificial in some perspective.

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