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Epson EB-S31 Data Projector

Thinking of buying a projector but with limited budget, you may have listen to SVGA projector that mostly salesperson out there will recommend to you. Projectors with SVGA resolution remain popular in the country and also some neighboring countries like Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand, although it has been discontinued in other region, the main reason being is due to cheaper price tag!

Epson has garnered good user feedback for their projector lineup in the context of product features, type of options, reliability, and also after sales service. Entry data projector is one of the popular projectors in the market that Epson have a very strong market footprint. In the third quarter of 2015, Epson has revived their main four entry projectors from the resolution of SVGA to WXGA. Epson EB-S31 is their latest model of SVGA resolution projector with completely new design, huge improvement over the contrast ratio and also fairly increase in brightness output compared to it’s predecessor, the EB-S18. After the launch, EB-S31 continue the momentum of high market demand thanks to the great built quality, loads of features and competitive price.


EB-S31 fits in a sleek enclosure with merely 3-inches height and gross weight of 2.4kg. It is the slimmest in it’s class. The sliding design of lamp cover is a standard design for mostly Epson projectors. Slide to left or “A/V Mute” for hiding the lamp bulb and slide to right to “Open” the lamp for projection. The design will reduce the harms of dirt and possibility of mishap, hence prolong the life time of the lamp. The angled position of exhaust grill help to redirect the heat to sideways instead of blowing towards the front presenters. A dial is useful for manually adjust the focus of projection. Simply make the keystone correction by adjust the slider button. After all, there are more button for you to adjust the projection setting, which included Menu, H/V, Zoom and Telescope. The projector is built-in auto detection of the input, however, the Source Search button is also available for user convenience. LED indicators are for power status, lamp condition and temperature status.

Plenty of port connection are available with EB-S31, which included HDMI In, RGB In, RCA In, USB A for optional Wireless connectivity and USB B for network. The remote signal receiver is available at both the front and back of the projector. The internal speaker is rated at 2W.

Need to setup projection at mobile location? The handy soft carrying case (see picture below) is a good travelling companion. You may carry all the gears that required for this projector with this bag.


3200 ANSI Lumens – A decent projection you can expect from this projector although the resolution is merely 800×600 pixels.

High contrast ratio – More details from the image or video is a welcome enhancement for this model.

Price – The factor that influence most of the first time buyers.

Since Aug 2015

Business, Mobile Presentation, Commercial Multimedia, Training, Education

A very good bargain for either data or multimedia use. The color richness is much appreciated by viewers. The lacking of pixels is the major or the only setback for choosing this projector. Overall, it still a good buy for small scale of projection, e.g. medium size classroom, tuition centre, restaurant, conference room, etc.


Product review 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBtygr_h9Ms
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Product website: http://www.unbox.my/projector-malaysia/epson-eb-s31-3lcd-svga-business-multimedia-projector

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