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Epson EB-X04 Data Projector

Epson EB-X04 is one of the data projector that launched by Epson Malaysia during third quarter of year 2015. This is a XGA resolution projector which is a replacement model over it’s predecessor, the EB-X03. Similar to the enhancement of EB-S31, EB-X04 also received 50% improvement of contrast ratio which bring up to 15,000:1. A merely increase of 100 lumens brightness output isn’t the “shout-out” features, but it is acceptable since this is a product segmentation strategy by Epson that selling two different models of XGA resolution models in entry class. EB-X04 is the cheaper model with lower brightness output compared to another model, the EB-X31 (will be discussed in another article).
Two-toned color of enclosure made EB-X04 stand out from the crowds. This is the major external difference one can notice from it’s three nearest siblings. The design is super portable with 3-inches height and 2.4kg weight only. Lamp protection is built in sliding mode, a design that simple yet practical. The large eccentric exhaust grill is not only designed for better heat dissipation but a tested good ventilation which redirect heat air flow to sideways. Height adjustable leg is built underneath the projector for elevation of about 2-inches. The operation is rather easy with a single press to release the leg while you raise the projector up. For retrieval, press again and slowly bring down the projector to table top or surface.
The dials for adjusting lens focus and the image scale are handy features for quick projection setup. Simply turn to left or right for getting the optimum projection result. Besides, another essential feature which is the keystone correction is helpful for presenters to manually correct the trapezoidal image to square size. Maximum correction for manual horizontal keystoning is +/- 30°. Other than manual keytone correction, this projector also equipped with digital keystone correction at same range which operates automatically whenever the image is distorted vertically.
Epson projectors make life much convenient for presenters with fairly simple operation buttons. A single press on the power button will start your presentation in less than 10 seconds when the projector is in cool condition. To make things even great, the system is automatic whereby the projection is auto-detected from the connected source. In the event the system not functioning properly due to overlay signal or whatsover, a button of “Source Search” is ready for the job.
The type of connectivity that available with EB-X04 is similar to it’s little sibiling, the EB-S31, which included HDMI In, RGB In, RCA In, USB A for optional Wireless connectivity and USB B for network. For the remote control application, the signal receiver available at both the front and back of the projector. The speaker rating is merely 1W, the lowest among the Epson entry projectors.
A handy carrying bag is a standard item for EB-X04. Besides of the projector compartment, a little pocket of the bag is just enough space for carrying necessary items such as power cord, HDMI cable or RGB cable (length <2m is ideal) and remote control


Great resolution – More details of projection through 1024×768 pixels.


High contrast ratio – A 50% improvement over it’s predecessor. Second highest after the Optoma entry projectors.

Price – Good bargain for a XGA projector.

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