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Epson EB-X31 Data Projector

Looking for bright and detailed projection with a budget in mind? Epson give you the answer with their popular XGA projector, the EB-X31. This model is among the four entry model of projectors that market by Epson Malaysia in this country. It is the latest model which officially available on the sales rack since 3rd quarter of year 2015. The improvement is significant over it’s predecessor in the scope of contrast ratio, with a scale of 15,000:1 compared to 10,000:1 of the old model. That’s an increase of 50%. However, the enhancement of brightness output is fairly little with regards of the percentage or number fact. Similar to the base model EB-S31, the brightness level is measured at 3200 Ansi lumens, a 200 lumens improvement. EB-X31 shares the most features with it’s sibling, the EB-X04, but except the brightness output. The difference of 400 Ansi lumens result in a price gap of RM300-350 (*price vary among sellers).
Fitted with a slim case of approximately 3-inches height, EB-X31 is handy and portable for mobile presentation use. The weight is merely 2.4kg. With the standard soft carrying case (see picture below), the projector is ready for transport together with the necessary gears like power cord, HDMI cable/ RGB cable (*suggested <2m length) and remote control.
The layout of the operation dials and buttons are exactly similar to the EB-X04. Setup your projection by simply press the “Power” button and you will get the image ready in less than 10 seconds, It works with the projector in completely cool condition. After the projector being power off and on again instantly, it will take longer time for showing the image, approximately 20 seconds. The first image shown (see below picture) if no hook up of active signal connection such as HDMI or RGB.
Once the projection is connected, one can adjust the dials to left or right for image focus and zoom if necessary. The zoom ratio is 1.2x which provide more flexibility in the context of installation, especially projector placement at very limited space. Keystone correction has been the essential feature for most of the projectors in market nowadays. EB-X31 is featured with both manual and digital keystone correction or keystoning. The horizontal keystoning can be manually adjusted by sliding the dial at a ratio of +/- 30°. For digital keystone correction, it automatically correct the distorted image vertically at same ratio. The button for keystoning (refer H/V) is available, in case the automatic image correction do not meet the setup requirement.
EB-X31 has the same connectivity options with EB-S31 and EB-X04, which included HDMI In, RGB In, RCA In, USB A for optional Wireless connectivity and USB B for network. The signal receivers for remote control are available at both the front and back of the projector. The speaker is quite decent although the sound rating is only 2W.


Great resolution – A fine details of projection one can anticipate for.

High brightness – Great brightness output enhance viewing pleasure in a bright environment.
High contrast ratio – Huge improvement of contrast ratio.

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