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Home Theater Projectors

It have all you can imagine, the Optoma UHL55

Always fancy of all-in-one multimedia hub? We do, yeah we really do, even the aficionado will love it. Introducing the breakthrough projector, the UHL55 from Optoma, the one of a kind. Maybe someone there may say, the Xiaomi Laser projector already exist sometimes ago. However, we mean for great projector that cater for true home entertainment, but not simply an electronic devices. No offense on the new comer, but we do tested and it haven’t gauge our attention yet for it’s image quality.

Let’s going back to the evening event on last day of November 2018, we have the first opportunity to feel and touch the machine. It is not the ordinary projector that you familiar with, in fact, it built in a compact boxy design, dark color of coated steel case. Not too heavy to move around, and simply place on top of coffee table for every projection.

The design is really built for modern home users which comprises of young adults and families which increasingly demand for greater home entertainment experience. Optoma relates well the demand by putting every interest to the reality which result with the born of UHL55. It loaded with Android system for immediate access of apps and games, built-in media player with wireless capability for viewing your favorite contents from mobile devices, and it powered by Dolby 5.1 surround sound for a stunning movie time. User can expect amazing image quality with true 4K resolution and HDR compatible.

How much it cost?

What is the price? It is undoubtedly the favorite question for most of the buyers. However we couldn’t disclose yet since the official price tag not confirm yet. But we¬† can tell it surely a great bargain for the unofficial price that we informed!

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