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Launch of Epson New Entry Projector – EB-S41 & EB-X05

Epson Malaysia finally unveil the new entry projectors for local market. The new SVGA and XGA resolution models are EB-S41 & EB-X05 respectively.

Physically, both models have minor design difference compared to theirs’ predecessor which only received facelift upgrade at the front. EB-S41 remains two tone color; but EB-X05 is now in white casing completely.  Apart from the design, the built quality is greater once you have a touch and feel on it especially the front panel. The material grade is quite similar to car’s bumper quality.

Picture (Above) : Epson EB-S41 3LCD SVGA 3300 lumens Projector
Picture (Above) : Epson EB-X05 3LCD XGA 3300 LUMENS Projector

Epson projectors are among the projectors with simple button layout and it is easy to operate too. Both projectors built-in with auto source detector. The only thing one should concern is the focus, which user have to adjust the focus with the adjuster lever.

Picture (Above) : Epson EB-S41 aerial View
Picture (Above) : Epson EB-X05 aerial View

How about the performance?

The latest model have improvement over brightness output and overall better built quality. The EB-S41 have two major upgrade, which is additional 100 lumens and now with 1.35x zoom ratio. For EB-X05, it gain significant brightness improvement, from 2800 lumens to 3300 lumens. What a generous offer from Epson! However, the increase was not only the specification, so do the price tag with increase ratio of 8%~10%.

We also noticed by Epson Malaysia that the new lineup will only have one XGA model for the entry range. Therefore, the EB-X05 is not only replace EB-X04 but also succeed the more advanced model, EB-X31.  In this scenario, the price tag is actually a good bargain.

Both models are now available in the market, starting from mid of November 2017.

Product website:

EB-S41: https://www.unbox.my/epson-eb-s41-3lcd-svga-business-multimedia-projector

EB-X05: https://www.unbox.my/epson-eb-x05-3lcd-xga-business-multimedia-projector

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