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Lifestyle Laser Home Projector EF-100W and EF-100B by Epson

There is a saying “Good things come in two”, well, Epson is really embrace the philosophy by introducing two units similar projector, which are currently the smallest 3LCD laser home projectors in August 2019. The only difference in between the model EF-100W and EF-100B is merely color variant, which the first known as “Classy White”, and follow by second color “Tailored Black”.

Our first impression, Wow… Yea, the projectors are pretty much nicely design electronic devices which easily blend into modern interior. The compact size and flexibility are both criteria that make us fall in love in first sight. Smaller footprint than A4 paper, it is super space-saving especially in today’s living atmosphere. The boxy design allows for upright standing which enable projection towards ceiling, a feature that we will click “LIKE”.


How about the quality, external and internal?

The projectors are incredibly great in built quality. We want to say it loud, it is miles better than OEM mini or smaller size projectors which are commonly available now with very low prices. Both Epson new family members are technology-advanced devices which is powered by laser diode with maximum life span up to 30,000 hours, 4-5 times long lasting than conventional lamp-based projectors. It is capable of project bright and clear image in ambient room. The image quality is well balanced with good contrast ratio.

How about user experience?

The projectors are made for today’s users who are mostly tech savvy consumers. No more hassle for connecting to media players, blu-ray players or your PC, one simply connect your streaming devices to the dedicated HDMI connector for showing your content, instantly. Storage media like hard drives/ flash drives are also compatible. Relatively low fan noise compared to EH-TW5650 is a delight feature which make movie watching more relax and enjoyable.

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P/s: All images captured by Huawei Y7 Pro.

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