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Optoma HD28DSE Full HD 1080p Home Theater Projector

HD28DSE is the newest home theater projector introduced by Optoma in the already competitive entry level home theater projector segment. This is not the replacement model for HD26 which already in the market for nearly 2-years, but it is another variance that featuring video enhancement system, the “DarbeeVision”. The model code with acronym “DSE” which stands for Darbee Special Unit hints the collaboration between Optoma and DARBEE Visual Presence for the first ever commercial projector.


Nothing surprise for the exterior design of HD28DSE as it is identical to it’s sibling HD26. White case with hemisphere design of the lamp cover, operation button layout are the standard design for both models. The only noticeable difference externally is the port configuration and the marking of DARBEE Visual Presence for the HD28DSE.


DarbeeVision – A video processing system that enhance contrast, detail definition and color saturation.

Long hours lamp life – This projector can lasts for expected 8000 lamp hours in Dynamic Eco mode before replacement is needed. If you watch a movie of two hours every day, it can lasts for almost 11-years.

HDMI with MHL – A common feature for projectors in this price range which allows for connection via your smartphones, tablets for instant projection without going through PCs or Laptops.

Keystone & 4-corner Adjustment – The versatile adjustment capability come in handy in real world projector installation. If you unable to get the perfect rectangular projection, you could simply made keystone correction vertically and horizontally for correct the projection angle. You can also made 4-corner adjustment in order to correct the trapezoidal images. However, we suggest that the projection to be on axis for permanent installation since these features will jeopardize the image quality and reduce the light output of the projector.


Projection method: DLP

Resolution: Full HD 1080p

Brightness: 3000 ANSI Lumens

Contrast ratio: 30,000:1

Connectivity: HDMI, MHL, 3D Sync, Mini USB, USB-A, 12V Trigger


Beginning of March 2016.


Home Theater DIY


The HD28DSE is anticipated due to the first ever DarbeeVision system for an entry home theater projector. It is clearly stand out among competing brands in it’s price-class. The system is no doubt that will increase the picture detail, however we found that the video projection is over-processed for film/ video which deliver artificially image result. (see below)

The good news is the system can be turn down; and you can choose the varying degree in between 0%~120% if the system is turn on. We suggest that the system to be run moderately for getting the right picture enhancement. But, there are situations like video game or animated film, the similar default setting take the enhancement without appearing over-processed. It is because the content itself is artificial, giving it extra bytes of details, contrast and color saturation is fine.


Product Website: http://www.unbox.my/projector-malaysia/optoma-hd28dse-dlp-full-hd-home-theater-projector

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