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The 8-million pixels of Optoma 4K projector

Step into 2nd half of 2017, the audiovisual fans get excited again with the launch of Optoma 4K Ultra HD home entertainment projectors. The very first 4K Ultra HD projector from a renowned projector brand especially in the home cinema segment.

Although 4K projectors are not new to the industry, while some other manufacturers like Sony, Epson have already unveil their products months ago, but the excitement came from the brand itself which have strong home cinema favors. Furthermore, the price tag which starting from RM12999 will be a temptation for the enthusiasts. In comparison, Sony 4K projector is retail at RM34533 (update until Aug 2017).

Optoma launch two variance of 4K projectors, with model code UHD60 & UHD65. Both the projectors sharing the similar enclosure but the difference is easily spotted with the lining color, silver for the UHD60 and gold for the UHD65.

The minor differences are only the brightness output and contrast ratio, which result in two grand extra. For contrast ratio, UHD60 has 1,000,000:1 and UHD65 has extra 20% of that; but the brightness output of UHD65 is much more lower than it’s sibling which rated at 2,200 lumens only. Again, brightness level is not a crucial factor for a great home entertainment projector. This has been proven with regards of other projectors such as the 2,500 lumens of Epson EH-TW8300 and the 1,500 lumens of Sony VPL-VW320ES.

4K resolution is depicted by 3840×2160 pixels, in it’s native. However, the new 4K DLP chip that powered both Optoma 4K projectors has much lower pixels and utilize on XPR technology for pixel-shifting in order for delivering the ultra HD image quality on the screen. This method is much similar to the 4K Enhancement that found on Epson EH-TW8300, which has the nearest price tag with Optoma.

Image Quality

We seen the projection from EH-TW8300 earlier. The 4K enhancement on image quality is superb. After viewing the image quality from  Optoma UHD65, we able to seen more details on darker image and the color reproduction is well balanced too. The motions are more smooth and we hardly noticed much of artificial rendering. Well said, the result is pretty awesome for DLP projector.

Both models are already available in the market beginning of Sep 2017.  It shall be a good alternative for those who are going to establish 4K home entertainment. However, for those who is looking for upgrade, do not forget that a 4K Blu-ray player will be in the shopping basket too.

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