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Why Epson launch two new entry WXGA projector, the EB-W05 and EB-W41?

With the launching of new WXGA projectors, Epson has now refresh the entry range projectors which started from the popular SVGA, and the all-rounder XGA projector that hit the shopping rack last November. Similar to XGA segmentation, Epson has also launch two WXGA projectors, which are the EB-W05 and EB-W41.

Question here is any specific reason  by doing so?

Competition, most certainly.

Other major manufacturer price tag is much competitive in WXGA basket, to name a few, like BenQ’s MW529, Viewsonic’s PJD5555W.

Epson had first launch EB-W05 by late January 2018 and follow by EB-W41, 2-weeks later. Physically, the difference is easily recognized as both do not share same design. One thing I like about Epson, they have model code tag for every their projectors even though they sharing the same enclosure. For example, EB-W41 share the enclosure with EB-S41 and EB-X41; the EB-W05 use the same design as EB-X05.

What makes the two models have price gap of RM392? The answer is the 300 lumens brightness difference and MHL feature.


Nothing much changes on newest model, the only improvement over old model is brightness output!

Product Website

EB-W05: https://www.unbox.my/epson-malaysia/epson-eb-w05-3lcd-wxga-business-multimedia-projector

EB-W41: https://www.unbox.my/epson-malaysia/epson-eb-w41-3lcd-wxga-business-multimedia-projector

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